Horizon Farming Limited is a sheep, beef and deer farming operation based in Hawkes Bay comprising of leased and owned land with a combined total area of approximately 10,000 effective hectares. This land is run in eight different blocks from Havelock North to Woodville.

The company is a 100% family owned enterprise that employs 30 full time employees as well as a number of casual staff, and contracts a Managing Director. It is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of 3 family members, an independent Director and the Managing Director.

It runs approximately 90,000 stock units which comprise both breeding and finishing animals with a sheep to cattle to deer ratio of 62:36:2. The company has strong relationships with Ovation (sheep meat processor and exporter) Atkins Ranch (lamb meat marketer), Anzco (beef processor and export), and PGGW/Bloch and Behrens (wool handler and associated exporter) and WNZ (wool handler and exporter).

Vision: Passionate, Progressive and Proud Successful Farmers

Mission: To grow a sustainable agribusiness which balances people, land, and profit

Our key values

Integrity – we do what we say we are going to do

Honour – we are proud to be associated with HFL

Enjoyment – we have fun

Fair and Reasonable – people are treated fairly

Accountability – we are accountable for our actions

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